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Frequently Asked Questions


What is makes Meditation Unique ?

Meditation is not mind-control or mental discipline; it is not concentration or eastern philosophy. You don't have
to control your breathing or muscles. You don't even have to try to relax. You are learning a technique that facilitates a completely natural process - an ability that is inscribed in the nature of the mind.

Many people who learn meditation may have already tried some other form of relaxation, either from a self-help source, or a class. On learning meditation these people are pleasantly surprised at the ease of the technique, and the resulting benefits.


Science verifies the uniqueness of Meditation

Abundant scientific research over decades not only documents the wide-ranging benefits of meditation, but also shows that these effects are not demonstrated by other types of relaxation, as is often assumed. This is the only practice verified by the extensive scientific research summarised in this web site and confirmed by the personal experiences that are recounted.


Will I be required to study a great deal ?

Not at all. The practice of meditation requires no intellectual effort. Everything you need to know will be explained in simple language during the course.


Will it interfere with my existing beliefs?

No. Meditation is a simple technique that aids relaxation, relieves stress and provides physical and mental energy. The practice does not conflict with any existing beliefs, religious or otherwise; yet at the same time people often find that regular meditation gives clarity and perspective to their highest aspirations.


I have a history of ill-health. Can I meditate safely ?

Yes, it is completely safe. Of course if you are taking medical treatment we recommend that you continue to take your doctor's advice.

Incidentally, a large and growing number of health professionals both practice meditation and recommend it to their patients.

The health benefits are far-reaching and have been rigorously examined in literally hundreds of prestigious medical publications. So much so that a delegation of British doctors has petitioned the Department of Health in Westminster to make the practice more widely available on the NHS.


But will it be a long time before I start to benefit ?

No. The long-term benefits of regular meditation are cumulative, but new mediators often notice that they look and feel better almost immediately.


Can anyone learn ? I can't keep my mind still.

Anyone can practice meditation. The technique allows the activity of the mind to settle down in a natural way until it is left quiet, yet wide awake. It's so simple.


How much time will it take out of my day ?

Twenty minutes, twice a day. Often this can be accommodated with no real change of routine. Furthermore people often find that the extra energy and clarity gained from meditation actually saves them time.


Where Does Meditation Come From ?

Meditation has been around for a very long time. In fact, its roots are planted in the ancient Vedic tradition that stretches back more than 5000 years.


This knowledge has been lost and found in many cycles throughout the ages, but was brought back to light in its completeness
by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Maharishi is respected throughout the academic world as the prominent scientist in the field
of consciousness.


Will it take me years to master ?

Just the opposite. You are not embarking on a lifelong quest, but a couple of hours on each of four consecutive days, with an optional (but recommended) three-month follow-up programme to ensure that you are gaining full benefit. At the end of this time you will be self-sufficient in the practice. You are not joining a group or becoming part of an organisation.


Will I become calm to the point of not caring; lose my edge ?

No. People in positions of responsibility who take up meditation find that the removal of stress gives them clarity, perspective and vigour. Not to mention many health benefits and improvements in relations with friends and family.


But in the final analysis, is it really compatible with a modern, Western lifestyle ?

Absolutely ! In fact the busier we become, the more important it is that we take time to rest properly - to recharge our batteries.


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