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What is Meditation ?

A Simple Natural Technique

The same order and intelligence we see in nature is also found deep within each individual. Meditation is a simple natural effortless mental technique that is practiced twenty minutes twice day, just sitting comfortable with the eyes closed. During meditation we tap into a field of unlimited energy intelligence and happiness that lies hidden deep within.

This process is very pleasant, as the mind travels to subtler states of thought we become more awake and alert but at the same time the body gains very deep rest and relaxation, after meditation we come out feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Meditation unfolds our full potential so that we can enjoy life more, it does this by giving us access to the source of natures ipntelligence that lie deep within our Self.


The benefits of meditation have been verified buy over 600 scientific research studies done around the world in many independent research institutes and universities. Over four million people have learnt to meditate and experience the results. Last year film director David Lynch published a book called 'Catching The Big Fish' explaining how meditation has helped him with is work.

To learn meditation does not require any faith or belief nor is it difficult, no concentration or control is used during the practice. You are not required to change your live style or behavior. Meditation is not a philosophy or a therapy you won't be asked to change your ideas about life or confess bad habits etc.

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Meditation is a simple, natural, effortless mental technique to help improve mental performance, for better physical health and to improve relationships...

"In the morning meditation clears the mind and as a result you can see very clearly what you have to do, while remaining calm and full of energy. Before learning I used to come home from work exhausted. Now, after twenty minutes, my batteries are recharged and I am ready to enjoy the evening. I have encouraged my staff to take it up. This creates a very good working atmosphere and we get the work done without suffering from stress."

Trevor Evans,
Managing Director,
OKO Group

Contact : James Purvis (07983) 295 942


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